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November 11, 1999

An Opinion or Two

In reference to Brett Moore on the 8th November, I agree completely. I do not want the fantasy that "they" may think I want. The trilogy cannot be improved upon. Don't fix something that isn't broke.

To PlayBumSp1, I would like to say that I am a woman and I don't believe that the saga will need more romance to draw the female audience. When I first read it in the early sixties and young, I thought the female characters were just fine. They tried to have minds of their own, and back then girls were supposed to look forward to marrige and babies. Tolkien allowed them to think independantly and make their own mistakes back in a time before I was born.

Todays ladies can also enjoy a story that isn't based solely on romance. You had many good points about "marketing" so to speak. Star Wars was a movie that no one had ever read and that had it's pull,of course, and everyone knew the outcome of Titanic and it didn't hurt a bit. I think LotR will do just fine with those who know and all the new comers if it sticks true to the tale.