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November 16, 1999

Arwen as a Warrior Princess? Why Not?
Kevin McIntyre

Let's face it, we will not be told what expanded role Arwen will play in
the first cinematic presentation of The Lord of the Rings. However I find
it hard to believe that Eowyn's character will be eliminated - for obvious reasons. She is a thread in the story woven deep into the fabric  - as
deep as the people of Rohan itself. Think of what she does in term of cinematic effect: she falls in love twice, she leads her people in a time of crisis, she overcomes the prejudices of her culture (even the author of the story) to deliver the death blow to a mighty enemy. She is one complicatedcharacter - why get rid of her when it would do good to the movie to have her?

However where the expansion of Arwen character is concerned - I'm all for it, as long as it isn't over done. I would pleased if part of the appendix story regarding Aragorn and Arwen were included in some flashback sequence in the first part of the first movie - this would enhance the film by making clear the stakes involved in the war against Sauron. And as far as Arwen is riding into battle - why not. Saying that elvish women are soft and delicate is playing into one's own prejudices - Galadriel may be beautiful beyond description, but she is also not one to be trifled with - remember she
crossed the Grinding Ice of Helcräxe.

My guess, and it is a wild guess at this point, is that Arwen will replace one of her brothers in the Grey Company. This will allow her to share the risks with Aragorn as they struggle together. This works well in the Hollywood mentality that is the driving force behind these movies.