The LOTR Movie Site
December 13, 1999

The Movies in General

First, let me explain that I am what you might call 'a Tolkien purist'
through and through. "The Lord of the Rings" particularly has been my most favorite book for more than 20 years, I have forgotten how many times I have read it.

I have read with interest, the debate section of the web site and I agree with some points of view and disagree with others. For example, I found the cartoon of the "Lord of the Rings" to be an extremely poor representation of the book; however, taken on its own, it was an entertaining and interesting film. As an aside to this discussion, I should say that the best adaptation of the book, in my opinion, has been the BBC Radio presentation. It was very true to the original, and enveloped the listener in the fantasy world of Middle Earth, without visual stimuli; Sir Ian Holm played Frodo in the production, so I have high hopes for his portrayal of Bilbo in Peter Jackson's films.

But all of this is somewhat beside the point, of course we would all like the new films to be close to the original work. If this happens, so much the better, but will it? Is it not more likely that changes will be made, for whatever reason, that will be entirely out of our control?  Should we just be hoping that any changes that are implemented do not detract from the films? I for one do not believe that changes will enhance the original. I, like many others, imagine how the story looks, and any changes to the work will be disappointing. I cannot imagine Arwen as anyone other than as the quiet, thoughtful, beautiful daughter of Elrond, who is strong enough to willingly give up immortality to be with Aragorn; the image of her screaming a battle cry and wealding a mighty sword on the Pelennor Fields is frankly laughable. On the other hand, Eowin has been raised as a shield maiden, by her people, the Rohirrim (as warlike as the Vikings), she features greatly in the Lord of the Rings, moreso than Arwen, so I for one hope that a swap or combination does not occur.

However, lets face it, how much of the items discussed have actually been confirmed by Peter Jackson? Judging by the veil of secrecy surrounding the production, I would suggest that the only way to know is to watch the films when they are released. I shall watch them. If there are changes, I know I shall be disappointed, but I hope I will enjoy them nonetheless.