The LOTR Movie Site
December 21, 1999

Proposal For the Enhancement of Female Roles

If Peter Jackson wishes to alter the role of Arwen in any way, that is
his privilege. However, if he wishes to add depth to the female characters,
he must do it to ALL of the characters. By pursuing equal opportunities for
those female in gender, and only enhancing the role of Arwen, he is being a
hypocrite of the highest degree.

What of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins? Her role, as the troubled mother of a
corrupted son with aspirations of world domination, needs it's opportunity to
be performed? The  touching scene where she valiantly attempts to stop the
half-orcs from carting her off, with aid of naught but her umbrella, should
be a feature! Of course, it can't be an umbrella. She has to wield a Mace or
a War hammer-this would otherwise be a discriminatory action towards the

And Rose Cotton! When Sam comes back home after the war, and finds Rose
safe with her mother, isn't that saying that women don't understand the need
for help? Rose should fight by Sam's side until Sharkey's end! Her motive, of
course, would be that Sharkey was going to hold a mass-marriage for the
hobbits that had come of age, and planned to marry her to Ted Sandyman the
next morning. Rose's role should not be only that of a nice country girl- she
needs emotional drama; an innocent desire for the simple gardener she loves
just doesn't cut it anymore.

Enough with the Hobbits- let's talk about Dwarves. Are there any
dwarf-women in the book? No- so if P.J. is trying to de-chauvinize the books,
he has to add at least one dwarf-woman in a prominent role. Why can't he make
Goldberry a dwarf instead of the daughter of a river-god? Of course, then
Bombadil's songs of her beauty would have to be altered. Their relationship
would now be biracial, also- good opportunity to add modern issues to the

Speaking of modern issues, are Celeborn and Galadriel married? Whether
they are or not, they shouldn't be in the movie. Think about it- if Celebrain
is illegitimate, then that decreases Elrond's hororability, and in turn,
Arwen's. Which may prompt a tad more reason for her "riding
hell-for-leather", being the daughter of one from a "dysfunctional" family,
and therefore she is not, indeed, so far above Aragorn as one may expect.

This is what the women in the film need! Scandal, psychological issues,
new races. So don't focus it all on Arwen, P.J. Spread it around so that all
of the female characters get their chance to step into the spotlight, and out
of one of the most famous works in history.

-- Mithrigil

P.S.- For those of you who are extremely narrow-minded, this is satire. I am
extremely opposed to the Arwen issue and think that if they want her role
changed, they lack an understanding of the major concepts in the books.