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February 29, 2000

Expanding Arwen is a Good Thing
Tom Manning

I must agree with the traditionalists on Arwen and the whole "Warrior-Princess" issue. 

How did Galadriel destroy Dol Guldur? Screwdriver? A really big hammer? How did Fingolfin do so much damage to Morgoth? Just his sword? And what about Felagund in Sauron's pits?  

Swords and archery and the like may be focus points for the Elves, but not their most potent weaponry. Expand Arwen as you like, I would see her more like Luthien with spells and songs of power. 

I doubt very much the men at Helm's Deep would be 'heartened' by the sight of an Elf woman hacking up Orcs. But they might if they saw her chant something and have several Orcs burst into flames. 

If Jackson has Arwen doing the "Xena" thing, he risks making her scenes silly. If test viewings result in laughter, Liv Tyler could end up on the cutting room floor.