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March 5, 2000

Arwen Doesn't Need Expanding

Arwen. What does she do?

Sit under canopies, embroider standards, ride grey horses, SYMBOLIZE THE ASPIRATIONS OF ONE OF THE CENTRAL CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK....

You can take political correctness and stuff it up a Mumak's trunk, Arwen is not appropriate wielding any weapon other than a piercing gaze.

Arwen's chief asset is her presence. Her glance inspired Frodo. The sight of her by Eomer nullified a lifetime of falsehoods and made him open his heart to Gimli. Her presence in the mind of Aragorn got him through nearly seventy years of toil, in lands which her feet never touched. She represented the Peace Aragorn strove for, the reunion of long-sundered kin, the last of the great races.

With a billing like that, who needs a bow and a sword?

I am a woman, and am all for female rights. But chivalry is not dead.
Didn't Gwenever hold out the Tower of London? Lancelot just continued to fight for her, as did Arthur. I never said she wasn't capable, I only mean it's out of character for such a figure to be standing atop ANY tower other than Annuminas with her Husband in the future, being what she is; the end of the third age.