The LOTR Movie Site
March 10, 2000

It's a Book, Folks
Matt Inkster

This isn't anything new, I am agreeing with Brian Daly but putting in my own two sense. I have loved LOTR for as long as I can remember, and I mean that because I don't have a good memory. I fell in love with an amazingly written book that can take you to places that ease all the trouble of life and take you on the greatest journey ever created. There is a certan magic in books, you get more in depth with characters, situations can be expanded without boundaries, and anything can be made possible. What we are talking about now is a movie, it will be a 6 hour journey through audio/visual worlds. There is no way that it will engross you in the same manner. It can be seen as a visual aid for the book, that is the approach I am taking... upon re-reading after the movies which I am sure I will, I will have an easily retrieveable cache of images to accompany my experience. 

There is no point in expecting the same sensations that you got when you first read this book, or expecting to become as involved with the story through the movies, so why not just accept the fact that there is nothing we can do. I personally hope that the director has a good portion of ring-lover within him, and from some of the majestic concept art I would assume he does.  But what are you gonna do... "I would like to make a movie that is at points quite boring, involves many odd song and lyre sequences, and is 17 hours long. Can I have 20,000 extras, a couple hundred million dollars and a large piece of land in New Zeland?" 

A comment on the casting. Personally I think they did an excellent job in the casting, all the parts seem to be taking up perfectly in means of face and body. It can't be too hard to act the sequences, and if you look at the acting in films like Star Wars... you can still have an awsome film even if half your cast can't act!