The LOTR Movie Site
March 19, 2000

Lord of the Rings, My Take on the Movies

J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece, in my opinion, was dying to be made into a movie. I have often thought how wonderful it would be to see this work come to life. Now I, of course, would love to see the movies adapted right from the books, I was not however disappointed when I heard they were making changes. I understood this a long time ago, Hollywood is funding this movie to generate income. This is obviously not being filmed for Tolkien Purist's, such as my self.

I have been impressed with the detail and care Jackson is taking to conform the books on to the big screen. The reports on the sets have been spectacular. I also thank Tolkien-Movies.com for having such a user friendly web site, and of course posting set pictures when they receive them.

The only rumor I have heard that was not favoring was Arwen's role being expanded to such extremes as to change the plot of the best books ever written.   I prey these are only rumors, because after all This IS the greatest book of the century, all time, and possibly ever! I hope Jackson stays true enough to the books. I am very anxiously awaiting the release of the films. I am very excited, and according to Christopher Lee "Sauruman" who is a Tolkien Purist through and through, The scripts appear to be really done well.

My final thought is, "I can't wait!" Of course I am bound to be disappointed when I don't see Bombadil, but this will still be by far the best movie I have seen in a while. Of course I will be disappointed when I leave the theater but when I think about it, they tried to do the best job they could while still pleasing Hollywood.