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April 6, 2000

Arwen and Bombadil, Tomorrow the Ents!
John K.

So there's no Bombadil, well that's ok I guess. I don't mind seeing the story shortened up in some aspects, you are going to have to do that to make a film adaptation for LOTR period. What I don't like seeing is changing this story by adding completely new elements.

Arwen weilding a sword and possibly leaving with the Fellowship is one drastic change to LOTR. From Liv Tyler's interview in the latest E! Online LOTR interview we now know for sure she does act as a warrior in the film.

Omitting Glorfindel for Arwen in the part where the Hobbits and Strider meet Glorfindel would be a minor change that can be shrugged off by even the most critical Tolkien purist. But now there will be so many totally new scenes and dialogue that will have to be made up.

I and many other people who want a faithful adaptation don't mind excluding things for time constraints, that's a given, but lots of new totally contrived elements is what's really disheartening.

If you're going to really change the story and place vast new elements that were never there, why call it LOTR? Make your own story. All I can ask is, what next? No Ents? I guess all these people bickering about a faithful rendition of LOTR coming to the silver screen can be put to ease by just not seeing the movie. It's a shame though, would've been nice to see the real story.