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April 13, 2000

What's With This Trailer Scene?

I saw the first preview of the movie and already I've noticed something wrong. What's the deal with those six guys in black capes surrounding the four hobbits? And the ruins in the background?

The Nazgul

The Four Hobbits

Firstly, they can't be black riders, because the hobbits were never confronted by them directly without Aragorn. Secondly, they can't be the barrow-wights, because the hobbits lost each other in that incident. And after Rivendell all four hobbits never were together alone. So what is that scene? An added dream scene, maybe? If it is, even that's not excusable; Tolkien put quite a few good dream scenes in his book.

Maybe I'm going off on a tangent, but let me just ask this final question -- is the movie meant to be based on the book, or inspired by it? (i.e. the director only chooses the parts he likes out of the book)

Looks fishy, if you ask me. And I don't mean Gollumn.

I think the scene that is being questioned here has to be the Weathertop scene; later on in the trailer we see Aragorn throwing a flaming torch at the camera, which I think must be also part of this scene. Just because he's not in those two shots doesn't mean he's not in the scene! Can anyone guess whether the King Nazgul just looks exactly the same as the others, or he's not in that shot either? -- J.P.