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April 15, 2000

Comments Regarding Changes
Kevin M.

As I have stated before in this forum, there have to be alterations to the story to make it work as a film. At present there seems to be four issues that everyone is concentrating on (which is pointless since there is no public script and we have no idea what Peter Jackson and Co. is intending):

1) the deletion of Bombadil
2) Arwen
3) Galadriel
4) and what 2 and 3 do to Eowyn.

Firstly deleting Bombadil is only the first character to go (Glorifindel, Bill Ferny could be next), there really are too many characters in the LOTR to work in a film. If everyone is to be included then we're looking at a very long set of films (although this may appeal to the LOTR fanatics -- it is not good business).

Items 2 & 3 are related in the sense that we all think these characters are going to be enhanced. It is assumed that this is because of Political Correctness. Although this may be the reason I offer the following. Remember this is a Hollywood movie, and Hollywood movies require a love story element (whether it is central to the story or not -- it must be present). Unfortunately for New Line the major love story of the LOTR is extremly subtle (Aragorn and Arwen). Only brief hints are given through the story about their relationship. However the appendix makes it clear that this relationship is the motivation behind much of Aragorn journeys. The enhancement material is already there. However what offends most is that Arwen will probably now do things she never did in the story, like replace Glorifindel and be the one who finds the hobbits, or maybe she travels with the Grey Company (against daddies wishes of course). The one thing I do agree with is that she CAN NOT be a member of the Fellowship -- that would be a mistake.

Galadriel -- let me first state that she is one of my favorite Tolkien characters. A character that Tolkien himself changed as he moved through his life (and the the 20th century -- which saw the emergance of the womens movement). By the end of his life Tolkien saw Galadriel as the second greatest elf behind Feanor, however the LOTR was written some 30 years before he died and his evolution was in the future. Of cource I'm rambling here. Again looking at the appendix we see that durining what is described in the story Galadriel does sit by, there are things for her to do. She know Gandalf's not dead and sends messages to him, Lothlorien fends off attacks from Dol Guldur -- aided by the "magic" of Galadriel.

Finally Eowyn. My point about her is simple. Just because of other women characters are expanded does not mean that hers will be diminished and or replaced. Now I am not privy to what is happening in NZ, and if Peter Jackson wants my input thats fine. But lets not assume anything until we are sure of it, and if you think changing anything is wrong then you are going to be either greatly disappointed or are going realize that this is not religous doctrine we're talking about but the screen adaption of my favorite book.