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April 22, 2000

What's Boromir Doing With the Ring?
Kevin McIntyre

What's Boromir doing with the Ring?

Good question. So lets all jump to conclusions and blast PJ as much as possible.

The text of LOTR gives numerous references to Bormir's rising anxiety regarding the ring, perchance PJ has encapsulated them all in a dream/vision sequence that Boromir has. It really does not matter. PJ is interpreting the story (even a completely faithful movie is an interpretation) and will condense or expand to make the story work in the medium. I wish people would let the movies be made first - then we can rip it to shreds when the flower elanor does meet with what we think Tolkien had in mind.

If any LOTR fan (fanatic) looked at the trailer and did not get excited, he or she is truly heartless. Even if the movie sucks it does not diminish the books (look at how many lame attempts to produce Bible epics there have been); and so I will continue to read LOTR every spring until I die.