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April 22, 2000

I Didn't See No Bad in the Preview
Robert G.

I think that the preview looked very promising. In fact, so does everything I see about the new Lord Of The Rings movie with only a few exceptions.

Legolas has an actor who is too inexperienced (sorry, actor). I say this because I always liked Legolas and I think he is very cool and important.

I don't think Viggo Mortensen has that....that..."Stridery Aragorny" look.

It would have been a good idea to double cast Sir Ian McKellen as both Gandalf and Saruman, because everybody gets the two confused anyway...

John Rhys-Davies... isn't he a little tall to play Gimli?

By the way, I think Boromir with blond hair is OKAY WITH ME! Okay, so they changed it around a little, but I think that it is an improvement.

I almost like them cutting out the Bombadil bit.  I never liked Tom Bombadil.... and if it means a little more Lothlorien or a little more Carhadras or Moria, it is an advantage.

Another thing about weathertop: Frodo could see through the robes at the time, and he was alone, too. What scene is this, some earlier one (this is possible)?

Now about the songs in the book... I hope that they do away with most of them- they make it a "Lord of the Rings Musical." God forbid.