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April 25, 2000

Thoughts Regarding the Boromir Issue

Not sure if I'm writing this to the right address, but I thought I'd share my views on the Boromir thing... when I first watched the trailer, the one image that struck me at once as the most powerful one was the Boromir image... somehow the actor's gaze and the whole shot was just perfect and completely conveyed the sense of damning desire he feels. Of course, the context may be awkward if they change the story too much but that shot in itself is marvelous.

As for the Elves, I agree with you completely. Jackson can, will, and must change many things about the book in order to adapt it as a movie, but IMHO the elves are where the line has to be drawn ;) Tolkien himself seems to have loved the elves above all of his other creations and an elven army in the LOTR plot would go against everything established in countless other writings and the entire course of history as Tolkien wrote it.