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April 26, 2000

Tolkien's Trilogy is Not Just For Adults
David B.

First off, I disagree that Tolkien’s trilogy is a dark and depressing story, inflated with gruesome and gory battles. Much of it is happy. "The Fellowship of the Ring" especially. It's a very serious topic, but that doesn't nearly make it a dark book. Jackson has already said that the movies will be rated PG-13. What more do you want? Just because a movie has an "adult" rating doesn’t make it better. LotR has no cursing in the conventional sense, and certainly no sex. The battles are realistic, and, yes, bloody at times. Just because a movie has realistic battles doesn’t mean that it’s an "adult" movie.

Secondly, Tolkien’s trilogy was written for all ages. Perhaps it is intended for adults, but nearly all the Tolkien fans I know are under the age of 21. Just because it well written and longer certainly doesn’t justify saying it’s an "adult" novel. "The Hobbit" was intended for children. I suppose that means adults don’t enjoy reading it? Of course not.

Books are different from movies, as I’m sure you know. When Tolkein describe an Orc getting killed (which he didn’t do in grotesque detail), it was much more simple than showing it on a screen. When you’re reading much of the words you articulate are left to your imagination, whereas with a film it’s "in-your-face-gore". There is a huge difference.

Let’s face it, young kids will not want to see these films. Teenagers and adults will. A PG-13 rating will be perfect. It will allow realistic battles, while not over-doing it into an R rated film. Yes, PJ does want to appeal to a wider audience. What’s wrong with that? Just because you can’t have your slash-everyone-in-the-whole-dang-joint film doesn’t mean it won’t be good. If you want that, see "Saving Private Ryan".