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May 5, 2000

Commentary About Weathertop
Alonso L.

I've read Jared P.'s thoughts on Weathertop, but besides his observations I have another doubt.

The four Hobbits are not attacked by the Nazgūl, just Frodo. In fact, the book says that the Hobbits are hidden. Only Frodo is standing and looking at the Nazgūl and in his despair he uses the Ring. Only at this point is Frodo clearly seen by the Nazgūl and they attack him. This because of the "properties" of the Ring, which makes one invisible, but is also some kind of portal to a "shadow" world. And in this "shadow" world the Nazgūl can see everything.

Well, I hope you understand what I am saying.

PS: I would appreciate any comments on this subject from anyone interested. Please send the comments to: delafey@ctcreuna.cl