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May 16, 2000

Weathertop Once Again!
Jared P.

I have read Alonso L.'s, "Commentary on Weathertop", and all I can say is that he needs to read J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring more carefully.

For one thing, Frodo was not by himself when attacked by the Nazgul on Weathertop.  On pages 262-263 of Chapter 11, A Knife in the Dark, in The Fellowship of the Ring it says that after they see the Nazgūl at the top of the dell:

"Terror overcame Pippin and Merry, and they threw themselves flat on the ground. Sam shrank to Frodo's side. Frodo was hardly less terrified than his companions; he was quaking as if bitter cold, but his terror was swallowed up in a sudden temptation to put on the Ring. He felt Sam looking at him, as if he knew that his master was in some great trouble, but he could not turn towards him. He shut his eyes and struggled for a while; but resistence became unbearable, and at last he slowly drew out the chain, and slipped the Ring on the forefinger of his left hand. Immediately, though everything else remained as before, dim and dark, the shapes became terribly clear."

You all know the rest, Frodo gets stabbed in the shoulder by the Morgul knife, and barely manages to pull the Ring off of his finger and see Strider jump out of the shadows with flaming brands of wood just before he passes out. This shows however, directly from the words of almighty Tolkien himself, that the other three hobbits and Strider were with Frodo at the time of the assault. My explanation for Weathertop remains flawless, and hopefully true!