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May 17, 2000

Arwen and Luthien
Ian S.

First a word in agreement that I feel Arwen should be given a greater role in the film. It would do no harm to expand on the relationship between her and Aragorn.

I think a major point in the comparison between these is the attitude of the respective fathers which has already been well covered.

However, a the key aspect between them seems to have been twisted. This is the idea that they both share their looks and situation (as elf maids doomed to love mortal men) and must be seen to do something to help them in their respective quests..

The argument for a martial, active Arwen seems to be based on the misguided impression that Luthien fought Sauron, Morgoth etc and so gives scope for Arwen to do the same, yet completely fails to see how such an elf maiden achieved these things.

Luthien was not just an elf maid, she was part Maia. Her power came from within and through her voice. In no part of her tale does she ever use a weapon or wear armour. In fact she does not defeat Sauron, Huan does this for her. thoughout her tale, it is the purity/sweetness of her voice that calms and causes the minions and monsters of morgoth to sleep. This is the essence of the elf maiden, purity and loveliness beyond human comprehension, enough to calm even the most savage beast. Their quest was achived by stealth not arms.

So why, oh why, should another elf maiden suddenly take up arms ? I could understand her coming along with the dunedain of the north, standard furled, wishing to see and help her love. ( (If she has 'run away' it raises the question where have the sons of elrond gone?) Perhaps her elven 'power and purity' could provide help and comfort on the paths of the dead, or in any situation that calls for calm or stealth. But surely not hacking orcs and haradrim.

The whole thing just smacks of a complete mistaken view on what elves are in middle earth and this undermines the whole foundation of history and background to the story.

Arwen yes, but not in armour please.