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May 23, 2000

My Thoughts on Casting
Sarah L.

First of all, my thoughts on casting:

Frodo: Perfectly cast. Young Elijah has the experience and (for those who care) the star-power. Sure, the hobbit is 50 when he begins his quest, but  the ring came into his posession when he was 33, just out of his tweens. And if he were human, he would look to be about 20. Therefore, casting Frodo as  a middle-aged actor would not do at all, since he will not have appeared to age as the years progress after the party. One of my favorite scenes of the teaser is when Frodo, wild-eyed and terrified, stands watching the black riders coming to take him to Mordor.

Samwise: Again, wonderfully cast. Sean Astin has that stout, determined quality in many of his films, and I can easily see him wrestling gollum, or standing up to Strider in Bree.

Merry: I've seen him in 'Hetty Wainthropp Investigates,' and he appears to be a good actor.. other than that, he has a hobbitish look.

Pippin: He definitely looks like Peregrin Took. Again, I can't really say, but I like the choice.

Legolas: I'm not too sure about Orlando Bloom. I'm not worried about the acting, I'll trust to Jackson that he chose wisely, but I don't think he looks much like an elf. His body does, but he doesn't have that elven-wise, fair, enlightened face. He looks more like a warrior of Rohan to me in the teaser.

Gimli: YES!!! John-Rhys Davies is who I wanted to begin with! Bravo Peter Jackson:o) Have you ever seen him in Shogun? If you haven't, you must rent it, he gives many displays of how I'd imagine Gimli will act.

Boromir: I've never seen him act, but from that close-up in the teaser, I'm eagerly awaiting my first chance. I can see the lust in his eyes for that ring, and he's not even saying anything.

Aragorn: I've seen Mortensen act in several movies, and in all of them, he *is* his character. Moreover, I read an article from 'E-Online,' where he says that "He can survive in nature, live from it, read its signs and live happily, not needing anyone, not relying  on anything but his own knowledge and discoveries. There's a humility in that way of life I really admire. But he has to come into his birthright as a prince and take on more responsibility. He's not certain where it will lead him." Need I say more?

Gandalf: I just rented 'Gods and Monsters.' If you've not seen it, rent it.. they were idiots not to give him an Academy Award for that performance. I've no doubt he can tackle the role of Gandalf, and then some. Plus, he's got those piercing blue eyes that are perfect for the character's wisdom.

Arwen: Poor Liv Tyler. Can't you people cut her a break? Who she is and what she says in real life should have no effect whatsoever on her character. She's an actress, and Arwen is a far cry from Fae(Fay?) on 'That Thing You Do.' She's beautiful, she's got that look of elven-wisdom in her face, and she has plenty of experience acting.

Ah, yes, now for Peter Jackson's idea of the character changes. The only changes I wholly oppose are the absence of the Old Forest/Bombadil and the presence of Elves at Helm's Deep. Not only does Bombadil help the hobbits through the old forest into Bree(which could be edited, yes), his name is brought up several times at the Council. I think it would be a shame to for audiences to lose him, though some may think of him as a musical nuicance. He's vital to Middle-earth. And the Elves should not be at Helm's deep. If they were, the Last alliance would be the second-to-last alliance between Elves and Men. It greatly alters the history of middle-earth.

Elfstone and Evenstar. I like the idea of the romance. I also like that Jackson is going to show some scenes from the appendix 'Of Aragorn and Arwen.' Perhaps he'll even add a scene or two when they are in Rivendell, or a meeting with an embrace and romantic words spoken. I don't think Tolkien would oppose bringing the romance out.. in fact, I think he tried to make up for the absence of it in the appendix. Seeing how the audience cannot reach out and flip the screen to the back of the movie, I don't see why it's such a terrible thing. I'm even okay with the replacement of Glorfindel. If they're doing it to Tom, I don't see why cutting Glorfindel would be a big deal.. sure, I'll miss him, but his part could be played by Arwen as well. And she would not do any fighting, she simply reveals herself and her lineage to the black riders, and they flee in terror. The toes of the white Lady of Rohan would not be stepped upon.

Speaking of Eowyn, the Arwen/Aragorn romance would not make the romance of Faramir/Eowyn any less spectacular. The audence is simply clued into it, as probably would not be if the changes were not made. Eowyn is a sheild-maiden. Arwen is not. Sure, she'll blow the horn at Helm's deep, and perhaps she'll draw her blade once or twice. But has Peter Jackson said she'll ride out into battle, crying 'LUTHIEN!'? Nay. I'd imagine she will defend herself, but she wants to be at Aragorn's side, I suppose. Or maybe he's not even aware she is there. Or maybe she rode in with her brothers, since all the elves will evidently be there, and did not want to be left behind. I'm not exactly pleased with the idea, but it's not the end of Middle-Earth, as most would make it out to be.

Agree? Disagree? Do I have horrible inaccuracies? Let me know. sbl_340yym@hotmail.com