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May 24, 2000

Elves at Helm's Deep
Sam F.

I hate to tell all of you but it is not the end of the world because the elves are at Helms Deep, if Jackson can put it of a certain way. Say Gandalf, seeing the battle coming goes off (like he does in the book), but instead of rounding up some of the Rohan warriors he goes off to enlist the help of the Elven Princes and a decently sized army of elves. This could not effect the history of Middle Earth at all, because they would be doing it to help Gandalf and the fellowship, because if Helms Deep wouldnt have been won the followship would have been wrecked and Elrond knew that this was the last chance Middle Earth had against The Enemy. This could also show Rohan that the elves aren't Evil Sorcerers/Sorceresses  and word could get to Gondor before the coming of Elrond and Arwen when Aragorn gets crowned, which would "soften " their rock hard opinions of the elves.