The LOTR Movie Site
May 24, 2000

A Bunch of Fuss Over Nothing
Allen W.

The hysteria and contriversy amongst Tolkien fans over these movies is certainly understandable. Since the first time each of us has read the books, we have had a vision and hope of what the movie trilogies COULD be if they were ever made. Now, the time has come, and what we invisioned is actually going to happen. Fans of the book are both excited and scared to death: a mixture of hope, and pessimism over the fact that these movies will NOT live up to our own expectations. They cannot, and will not. Its a simple fact. But should we care?

Personally, I am deeply excited over these movies, and I look forward to seeing 3 good films (three classic fims, no doubt) in the spirit of my favorite authors writings. I look forward to seeing characters I have only known in my mind living and breathing on the big screen. I do not expect to see proper distinguishment between the haircolor of Elves from the house of Finarfin and other houses. I really could care less if an Elf army is present at Helms Deep. If I want these details, I'll pick up the books and read them. The books are Lord of the Rings, not the movies. I no longer have any expectations, because I now realize all my expectations are met in the books on my shelf. If people are going to be upset about the idea of Arwen blowing a horn in a movie, maybe they should not go see it. As for myself, I like good movies, and I am expecting these three to be excellent. I'll be first in line at the theater.