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May 25, 2000

Of Fangorn and Other Ents
Rider of Rohan

I'm curious and very anxious to see how is PJ going to portrait this race. Yes. The Ents. In the book they are portrayed as a very powerful race and great-bodied. I'm sure that the Destruction of Orthanc is indebatably one of the greatest event in The Two Towers, right? So how do you ppl think? Is PJ gonna have the CG doing all this stuff of making Ents? Or, are Ents will be casted by ordinary men wearing the costumes of trees? I think the first one will be better. And in your opinions, what language will they use?

And to mention another happenings regarding Ents, i wonder how 'the meeting of Merry and Pippin with Fangorn' will be pictured. A good example: Both Merry and Pippin are going to be picked up and taken away by Fangorn, and given the ent draught, aren't they? If PJ can work it well then absolutely that scene and another attractively interesting one, the Entmoot, will surely be a superb stuff to non-die-hards.

Another question that is important: Will peter make descriptions about the forests and their goings (it can be in brief, it can be not) from the age of the trees till the third age?