The LOTR Movie Site
May 25, 2000

Tom Bombadil and Other Things
Henriette P.

I've been twice on your lotr-site now, and I suddenly see that Tom Bombadil won't be in the movie?! That's ridiculous, he stands firm among the oldest creatures in Middle Earth, and you are going to leave him out of the movie?

Also I have some comments on the casting:

Pippin will be played very well, I think, but I'm unsure about Liv Tyler being Arwen. And I read John C's comment on the casting; "I understand the need to expand Arwen's role in the movies, but I think they could have done a much better job casting Arwen".

With his second opinion I agree totally, but what's this about expanding Arwen's role?

I was worried when I heard a long time ago that there would be made a movie of LotR; frankly I don't like many movies that once were books, but I'm sooo curious to see LotR as a movie. Since I was nine years old I'm a great tolkien-fanatic, and I feel that without me the movie isn't complete - don't pay attention to it, no one would anyway - but now I hear that Tom Bombadil is being cut, and Arwen's role is being expanded:  why can't you just stick as close as possible to the book? Do you think Tolkien didn't do his job writing it not as good as it can be done? Or is it about the number of men and the so much smaller number of women that are in the book? Because that's rubbish. Please, stick to the book!! It's a world that I have made to be mine and I live in it as much as I can.

(I don't doubt that the movie will be an exceptional pleasure to watch), but it's just not that great if it's claimed to be a movie after a book, and it turns out to be not.

As I said, it's one of my worlds to go to, and though people may say I have too much fantasy; I'd like it to be just as the book, or at least very much like it!

I'm sorry if my English isn't that good, because I'm just a girl from holland, but I'm pretty sure you're able to read it. Please say hi to Legolas and Pippin from me.