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May 26, 2000

Bombadil, A Movie Star?

After reading this debate on whether or not Tom Bambadill should be cast or not at all. I've given this some thought. His place in the book is interesting, and I reflected on it heavily even after, and concluded that Tolkien did good by giving him an appearance in the Fellowship and letting it be after. Now, Tolkien has a very unique and beautiful way of introducing characters and having you absolutely fall in love with them. With every page in Book III, I felt in awe of Aragorn, and Book IV Really got me in to Sam also. But Bambadill, try to understand how this looks on the screen. It is impossible to convey the character build up in the movie, and for those who haven't read LotR, I think it might appear strange if a man makes a cameo appearance singing, "Dilly dolly dillo." As an audience, we want these characters to appeal, and there simply isn't enough time to work with Tom's place in Middle Earth. LotR is a profound story, and a few hours is a very
rough schedule to work with. I feel that cutting Tom's character is a right choice. It would be of worse fate to cut Eomer, or Denethor. Just my two cents.