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June 2, 2000

Power Evenstar

I thought, ever since i read the book, that Lady Arwen had to have a bigger part. I think Tolkien must have cut some parts of this book, because she IS really important, and it is not shown. I mean, she is the main reason Aragorn is doing what he is doing. He has to become a King to have her. So she MUST be really something. He's going all the way, just for her. And in the end, she gives up immortality, to be with him. It's a beautiful, beatiful love story, and no-one seem to realize. I think she must be quite a Lady, for him to put eyes on her and never take them back. She must have done a lot of things that runs underneath the story, so it's ok to show them. I think that if, this arrangement they are planning to do to show her more on the screen, doesn't contradict the story it is OK. Tolkien would have like us to continue this story, in our hearts, in our head, with our soul. Because I believe he felt this story deep inside, as we all, the real tolkien fans, do. So we MUST be against everything that corrupts this beautiful tale, as in the Bombadil thing, but why to be against of creating something new? To read between the lines? Tolkien made this book with a lot of diferent layers: like an onion. The first time you read it you see the first layer, and take it off. So the next time, you will dig depper into middle-earth and we you know everything... you just will know other things, things that have never been written, but there they are. You know it. I love the Arwen character, she is a strong power in the story. She is what the moviemakers are trying to show, and I'm OK with it.

It doesn't mean I like them at all. They really screw taking Tom out of the scene. And if they are planning that the hobbits will meet Aragorn in the "Wind's Hill" (or whatever, i don't have the translation, i'm from Argentina), they are crazy.

But I do like Liv Tyler as Arwen. When I knew that this movie was going to be made, I "cast" the actors myself in my imagination, and I picked her. I think she's a perfect face for Arwen. Think of another brunette with blue eyes... I could have been Anjelina Jolie, I know now... in "Kiss the girls", she could be a good Arwen. She is a powerful tall brunette, as Liv. Well, if you leave to me, I will have casted myself! I'm an actress and I can assure you, I know the part!

I really don't like the Aragorn actor... He's really bad casted (it's that the word?)