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June 4, 2000

The LOTR Movie: Success or Failure
Dino L.

I don't know how will the director squeeze the LOTR in three two hour movies. Tolkien was a perfectionist at everything he did. Thus, creation of the events that took place in Middle-earth took a lot of years of his life because he wanted to make a fantasy world that seemed real to the reader. When you are reading the book you know it is but a part of a greater whole. That is the magic that we all, who have read his works, love and admire.

I think that the movie will be a success among the people who haven't met with LOTR before and most likely it will be compared to Braveheart, Joan of Arc etc. There will be a lot of reasons for this comparison and excluding Tom Bombadil from the movie is just one of them. A lot of other characters, places and events that seem insignificant to the plot of the movie are going to be excluded too. That will destroy the whole Tolkien's concept of LOTR and that is on of the reasons why books are still competing with the film industry.

As for those who have read the LOTR, the movie will probably disappoint them because they imagined Gandalf differently, thought Arwen had blond hair and not black, thought that Frodo was a little taller or that Balrog had wings. I can't say I am looking forward to the movie but on the other hand I am very interested to see their conception of Balrog and especially Elves.