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June 16, 2000

Schrodinger's Cat vs. the Frothing LOTR Purist Masses
The Nine

Schrodinger's Cat is the ultimate extrapolation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal.  In a nutshell, it says that until something is actually OBSERVED, nothing can truly be know about it...

Now let us apply this theory to the LOTR's movies and the rabid, frothing, and nobly impotent persecution of Miss Tyler and the role of Arwen...

Can we really know what Liv Tylers Impact, Arwen's role, or their effect on the film will TRULY be until we OBSERVE it for ourselves? 


Ergo, the endless speculation, outrage, disappointment, and anxiety surrounding the issue of Arwen is less than pointless by default.

Now make no mistake - I too agree with my fellow Tolkien purists that it will be a travesty of literary translation in general and slander to the works of Tolkien specifically, should our worst fears surrounding Arwen's character turn out to be true.   But in the final analysis, there is truly no way of knowing until we are in the theater and there is even less that we can do about it.


- The character concept, with little modification even possible never mind likely, is set...for good or ill.

- This will be a motion picture version of a literary work.  By definition, the latter must suffer heavy casualties in the transition to become the former.

- Those who laud the decision will be happy.and will go and see the movie.

- I will sigh at what will be one of the most tragic, yet predictable, molestations of any work of literature ever and I will go and see the movie.

- Those who are appalled, will gnash their teeth, weep aloud in relentless torment,. bemoan their cruel fate...and will go and see the movie.

So stop driving yourself nuts...for in the words of Kevin Bacon - ".These are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed..."