The LOTR Movie Site
June 18, 2000

Stay Faithful

This current debate about Tom Bombadil, Arwen and what ever else the script writers have deemed fit for Hollywood should not even be argued!

J.R.R Tolkien's life work should not be changed by even ONE WORD!

As for the re-writing of parts, adding bits here and there, and character alteration, I wouldn't have expected anything else, as there is no longer any respect from film makers. Why let historical fact (U571 for example) or a literary masterpiece, a fellow's life work and a book voted as the best book of the century, get in the way of box office takings!??

I am looking forward to seeing the films as much as the next hobbit, but man!!!!!!

Oh, and I hope the characters speak not with an American twang, if you know what I mean?! (apologies Americans)