The LOTR Movie Site
June 28, 2000

In Response to Austin G.'s Article, 'Tolkien Police?'
John K.

I think the reason we as Tolkien fans are very quick to anger or give an opinion on alterations of the movie is to show our love of the books, and how we would not like to see Tolkien's story bastardized to the mass market appeal. We don't want to take the movie away from Jackson, we don't want to stop production immediately. We just don't want the story we know and loved "added to" with things that were never there and we feel really aren't necessary. Reducing and taking away from the story is fine, it's inevitable with the time constraints. It's just the adding of things that gets most people. Would you rather see Bombadil and the Barrow Wight scenes in the movie, being true to the story? Or instead a new scene where Arwen hacks up a bunch of orcs and or this new Elvish army from Lorien join up with the crew at Helms Deep?

 The Morwen idea is fine, Boromir not having black hair, hey fine with me, it looks dark enough. Everyone's visual perceptions of Middle Earth will differ. There was even talk of how Orcs never would wear plate armor, I don't care, they will probably look mean with plate. But the story IS already there. Things like Arwen, the daughter of Elrond Halfelven, reduced to a hack and slash warrior wanna be is where we draw the line. This is an example of something completely contrived to in hopes to give appeal to a modern generation, I as many think, it is unecessary, and even if it is successfully and well done, it's not the real story.

Our opinions are just that, opinions and we are entitled to voice them as true fans of Tolkien, even if heard by ears that can't hear. Will Jackson reconsider and decide to nix the whole Arwen warrior princess deal? Probably not. But truly spoken "now's the time" we are most likely never going to see another film adaptation of Lord of the Rings on the silver screen with a 160 million or what have you budget spanning three films. The time constraints are fine, we're not going to see every detail or have time for them on the screen. The Tolkien fans just want to see this huge and spectacular film's story true to the best fantasy trilogy of the 20th century which the film is named after and will depict, and can you blame them?