The LOTR Movie Site
July 1, 2000

In Response to John K.'s Article
Jess H.

I'd just like to say that I really agreed with what John K. said. This may be the last attempt at making Tolkien's books into movies and as his fans we want those movies to be the best they can possibly be. I certainly hope that in making the books into movies the integrity of the story will be maintained.

I have grown up having Tolkien's books read to me and reading them to myself over and over again simply because I couldn't find any books I liked better than his. I always knew that if LOTR was ever made into a movie Tom Bombadil would be cut, but when I heard that Arwen was being made into a warrior-princess-xena type I felt as if someone had cut of my right arm. Tolkien's books are so special to us, his readers, that we will viciously defend them when pressed. In a way, we see it as our duty to defend the integrety of Tolkiens stories even tough we know it isn't in our power to do so.

Just a note: I do intend to go see the Movie's, but I may walk out of the movie theater if I think they are bad enough.