The LOTR Movie Site
July 1, 2000

Response to John K.'s Response to 'Tolkien Police?'
Austin G.

I understand the anger because I feel some of it myself. But the entire point of my article was that no matter how much we bicker and complain it will have no affect on Jackson's decisions. I'm not at all telling everyone to stop voicing their opinions here (because then this section of the site would go to waste). I just think that one outraged voice against Bombadil, Arwen and the barrow-wights is enough. And you also must remember that warrior Arwen is just a rumor. I don't think that Jackson would actually go to such extremes because that would draw to far away from the plot.

In conclusion, let me ask you. Did you read the Lord of the Rings in expectation of some great ultimate movie interpretation? If you did you're not a true Tolkien fan. Most of you read and enjoyed the books because they were fantastic. Well a very crappy movie would just give us all a great reason to read and reread the books until we're so old that our eyes can't stay the stress. This movie is merely for the non-Tolkien fans out there. To sway the modern movie going public that loves romance and big flashy action scenes.