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July 9, 2000

In Response to Ralph J.
John K.

The point I was making about "mass market appeal" is the attempt to change and contrive Arwen's role, or enhance Galadriel's role, or add any profound new elements in the movies to try to better suit "mass market appeal."

"You complain about ‘mass market appeal’. Well now, how about ‘the best selling book of the 20th century’, with over a 100 million copies sold in 50 languages?. How’s that for mass market appeal?"

Precisely, that is the whole basis of my point, why add new twists to a story thats already a HUGE hit? Visual elements and details are certainly going to be interesting and new, I just don't see the need for these new story additions. Additions in the story that conflict a great deal with the best selling book of the 20th century. The basis for my argument about Arwen is an interview with Liv Tyler on the set of the movie, where she describes how she weilds a sword like the big boys and goes into some details about her role.

Sure this movie will be enjoyable, there's no doubt there, I'm also enjoying debating with you all about it.