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July 9, 2000

Sophie Marceau as Arwen?
Mark S.

Just a very very quick note of support for Hundomiel's suggested casting of Sophie Marceau as Arwen.  I utterly absolutely 1000% agree! She would be perfect, as anyone who has seen her talent and beauty in 'Braveheart' and 'Marquise' would know.  

Oh, if only you and I were doing the casting! [No doubt, a million others have thought this, too! :-) Myself, I would have loved to have seen Uma Thurman as Eowyn! ]

And yes, like you, despite every criticism and problem I might have with Jackson's efforts, I admire what he's achieved thus far and Iike hundreds of millions of others, 'll be elbowing every inch of my way to the front of the queue on the first day it premieres in Australia!

[By the way, does anyone think that this Forum would be even more fun if we turned attention to some other interesting features of Jackson's interpretation of LOTR? For example; how much time is being given to develop the Rosie Cotton / Samwise strand? Oh... and will Celeborn come off as such a no-nothing prejudiced dork as he does in the book? I mean, sheesh, what's a guy to do? It seems that even really cluey, absolutely babish Elven princesses prefer to match up with the dumb jocks of the Eldar!!]