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July 12, 2000

Supporting Hundomiel's Viewpoint

I think Hundomial hit the nail right on the head! Although, Liv Tyler is a skilled actress, she is far too young and inexperienced to play the part of the mystifying and ancient soul of Arwen. The fact that Jackson has Arwen brandishing a sword and chasing after Aragorn on the adventure is just plain ridiculous! If he wanted to add this part of a "Xena Warrior" into the story, (which I have no problem with); being a Xena fan, myself. He could have expanded the role of Eowyn, who is already a shieldmaiden, and actually does take up battle against the King of the Nine Riders. Now, to have a chick lift a sword, especially the kind of sword wielded by strong-arm knights, the actress in the role should be believable. Therefore, Liv Tyler, although she is a beautiful and willowy young girl, is clearly the wrong person in this role! She is too slight of frame to make us think she is a strong-armed warrior. A better choice for this type of personality would have been someone of a heroic stature and strong build. There must be a no-name actress out there in Hollywood with the right body type to play this role. I would say Lucy Lawless, but she is too recognizable as Xena and this would not work. Any suggestions out there, fellow Hobbits? Also I know this will sound a tad picky, but I can't resist. Why does Legolas have blonde hair? He is one of the "Sindar Elves" or "Grey-Elves", (elves of the twilight);  and his hair should be dark, not blonde. He does not carry a sword either, but is a hunter and prefers the bow. I do think that Orlando Bloom is perfect for the part and I'm sure that the movie will be a success despite the changes that Jackson has made to the characters and story plot. And, hey...if we don't like it, we can always go back and re-read the books, or maybe someone will re-do the movie, but this time do it without all the Hollywood Glamorizing.