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July 12, 2000

Response to Mark S.'s Response

Your argument of Bombadil's inclusion in the works of Tolkien is well  presented, but there is importance to the character in the trilogy which you   yourself alluded to.

The story shows the progression of the hobbits from a child's state of  innocence to a mature state of wisdom and experience. Children use fantasy as  a tool to prepare for the world they are getting ready to enter. Bombadil   serves as a fantasy tool for the child-like hobbits to prepare them for the   world of men they are approaching.

Tom's introduction does appear rather "deus-ex-machina", but I can  forgive this appearance. The hobbits needed danger in order to gain  experience, and the story section needed a suspense and climax. The willow  was a perfect means for placing danger and suspense after trapsing through a  forest, and Tom Bombadil was the perfect foil for the tree.