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July 14, 2000

What's Next?
Austin G.

Hear! Hear! John K. What a just point you've made. I realize that New Line Cinema is trying too hard to market the LOTR movie. It's already the book of the 20th Century. That means millions of loyal fans ready to watch their movies multiple times, buy their LOTR products, and drag their friends to do the same. What more do they want? LOTR is bigger than  Episode 1 and the other three SW movies put together. So why do we need to change it? Who are they trying to subdue?

At one point I excepted the changes. Now I'm just tired of them. I thought that Arwen's heroics were only rumors. But I guess I was wrong. To me that's the ultimate disgrace. What next? Is Sauron going to be a women? Are Sam and Frodo going to be gay (no offense to those homosexuals out there)? I don't care how much Christopher Lee or Jackson's advisors know about LOTR. What can stop Jackson from going on a frenzy and turning the Nazgul into Dullahans. Now I do wish that there was a squad of "Tolkien Police".

I've heard people like Brad Dourif talk about how Christopher Lee makes Jackson stick to the book. Well Lee obviously not doing a good job if an Elven army is going to Helm's Deep and Arwen's dress gets blood stains on it (I don't think blood is easy to get out of silk or velvet).