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July 14, 2000

Eowyn, Arwen Evenstar
Alan L.

Once again, I am utterly confused about the LOTR upcoming movie. Somehow the character Arwen somehow got connected to the idea of a hot chick in chink.(chain mail)

I believe that Arwen is supposed to be in the books for 2 perposes. To marry Aragorn at the end, and secondly, to give the readers a glimpse of High Elven maidens and princesses. We get that in Galadriel, but she is more of an important character rather than an image like Arwen.

I think that putting her on a horse with a sword and making her cut the heads off apes that are supposed to be orcs (whats wrong with men with green faces anyway?) is the an immense paradox.

Maybe PJ wants to recreate this character because he finds that the male characters are doing all the work and the women are just sitting there being pretty. But, PJ, in his folly has overlooked the significant character Eowyn. Eowyn not oldy fits, but was made to be the "chick in chink". She's beautiful and a Warrior, plus her and Faramir get together, Making Arwen into the warrior princess would basically be a souped up Faramir-Eowyn relationship, and then it all gets repetetive. Also, with that whole Nazgul-Lord vs Eowyn "but this is not man in front of you" already gets a good "warrior princess" without getting really really annoying.

Anyway, that was just a few thoughts. Arwen wasn't made to be a big character, whats going on? Ahh... nevermind.