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July 18, 2000

Arwen as a Hero

I know you guys out there or quite upset about this change and my question is why, according to all I have read and heard they only changing things slightly by reducing characters and combinig several into Arwen. This to me does not seem like such a big deal. Its a movie and not the book and as has been shown many times before if a novel is not changed to fit the cinema it flop . So by changing things to make a more intriguing movie is a very good thing. It allows a whole lot of people who have never read the LOTR to enjoy the story, and who know to possibly even get them to maybe read the books (okay for some this is a stretch, but who knows).

My other reason for liking this expanded role is my father named me after Arwen after having read the books himself and it was such a lame role to be named after. Though I am personally glad that they chose Liv Tyler to play me. I also feel that some of the other changes are necessary as well, I mean unlike Stephen King, Tolkien actually wrote an incredible book and not just a screen play. So it will take a few adaptations to be a movie. Also considering the other two LOTR movies PJ's has got to better.