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July 30, 2000

Don't Be Too Hard on Jackson

I hate to say it but every single movie Ihave ever seen that was based on a book was a major disappointment. However from what I have been reading the LOTR movie may break that cycle.

Of course Jackson has to change some of the movie simply to market it and fit it into reasonable time. Personally I would watch a 12 hour movie if it accuratly portrayed the book but not everyone agrees with me. Remember no one here is ponying up the few hundred million thats is being spent on these movies, so they have to target it for a wider audience than just LOTR fans. What I am hoping for is that this movie gets more people to read LOTR and expands that stories influence. It is as I'm sure you will all agree, one of the best books ever written

But lets not be too hard on Peter Jackson.....YET. His changes may make the movie more popular, make more money, and then get more play time, even at the expense of some inaccuracy. But I really hope he doesn't screw up Arwen's Character.