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August 3, 2000

New Terms For the Bombadil Debate
Greg C.

I appreciate the trepidation about a Tom Bombadil-less film, but I believe the current terms of the debate are highly unfair to Peter Jackson. Certainly, in a vacuum, it would be lovely to have Tom Bombadil. However, Peter Jackson has a number of restrictions to work under, among them that each movie must run two hours or less. Therefore, I think it just to demand this of anyone who is angered over Bombadil: If you would have Bombadil added to the film, you must provide a similar amount of other plot from "Fellowship" that you would rather see cut. Lothlorien? The Council of Elrond? Moria? How about Boromir's death?

The point, folks, is that he's already stripped "Fellowship" to the bare bones. I hardly think it appropriate to castigate him for dropping Bombadil unless you have a reasonable alternative.