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August 3, 2000

Saruon vs. Saruman Name Confusion
John R.

How should Jackson address the confusingly similar names of the two bad guys, Sauron and Saruman?

The first time I read LotR, I was half-way through the story before I realized that Sauron and Saruman were two different people.

Ralph Bakshi's solution in his animated movie was to rename Saruman as "Aruman." Very annoying.

My solution would be to drop the name Sauron altogether. The good guys would refer to him as The Enemy and the bad guys would call him The Lidless Eye. Saruman would stay Saruman: his more formal name is unpronounceable.

Or, Sauron could be renamed "Morgoth." This would be less offensive then "Aruman" and we would all know the reason for the name change.