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August 9, 2000

Wizard Picture
John K.

I honestly think that this picture may be something purely contrived (by the crew) to start up the rumour mill. I could certainly be wrong, but how could they let something so profound like this, the death of Saruman in the movie ( I don't think it would be Gandalf whatsoever), leak out into the public? It makes me think this was set up just for someone to take a picture of it, and to stir up controversy.

"Filming of a scene from the $360 million The Lord Of The Rings trilogy could clearly be seen at a set on a vacant site in Peterkin St, Taita, today.

"Parts of the set, which included a large blue screen, a spotlight on a crane and props, have been visible from the street for the past few days

"Film company Three Foot Six and New Line Cinema have been highly secretive about filming in the Wellington region, keeping the media off site and limiting the release of film images.

I just can't see, why they would put something like this out in the open, if they didn't actually want people to see it.