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August 10, 2000

Why So Much Negativity?

Apologies to Charlie Brown, but Good Grief! I have been a fan of Tolkien's works for over 20 years and I cannot believe how much everyone is trying to pick apart Peter Jackson's adaption, that's right, adaption, of the Lord of the Rings.

I, too, want a version which will do justice to the mythology that has been created and lives in ours hearts and minds. However, what I see all you "fans" doing is picking apart the films before they have even finished shooting the principal photography. Is the dead person in the frame Gandalf, Sauruman, Radaghast? Who knows! But why assume that Jackson is butchering the storyline? Part of the enjoyment of these films is going to be seeing someone else's vision of this epic setting.

Will there be artistic license taken with the material? Does a bear...well you know. Instead of picking apart a frame here and there, assuming the worst, we, as Tolkien fans, need to give this project our unconditional support so that everyone involved has a reason to produce a film which will endure any criticism that comes it's way after the release of the films.