The LOTR Movie Site
August 13, 2000

Agreement With EntWife and John K.
Matt A.

My opinion on the rumours being spread about Peter Jackson's LOTR films: Most of them are probably garbage. There have been many instances of film companies spreading true and false rumours just to keep people talking about it to the point of boosting ticket prices. I, for one am probably going to it the first day because of rumours on the net.

I am in total agreement with John K's speculation of the Wizard on a wheel pic. It is, no doubt, a hoax made by PJ's endorsement guys to sell tickets. There is no way they would just give away such a dramatic scene to the public, especially when it isn't even in the book.

I'm sure everyone is getting annoyed with the whiny fans worried about PJ "Butchering their Bible" when most of the junk they hear isn't even confirmed.  In fact, about the only change that is confirmed is the exclusion of Tom Bombadil which, even though a bad thing, was probably a necessity. Nobody can possibly portray Tolkien's works to the full extent in 3 movies, even with $360 million invested in it.

PLEASE, people! Save the whining for after you see the movie.