The LOTR Movie Site
August 14, 2000

Frank H.

Probably Entwife did say everything, and I totally agree with that. Peter Jackson is shooting a movie about some story that really caught us all emotionally; it is obvious that some will be disappointed in the end because "that was not what they expected" and "Jackson changed the story". All right. To those, I say: please, shoot a movie of your own, we'll see what comes out! It is absolutely normal to be disappointed, also because, as powerful as they may be, images never match our imagination. Moreover, imagination is not the same for everybody, which leads to as many stories as there are readers... Can you possibly manage to shoot a movie that satisfies everybody when you know that? No way! Anyway, to me, this movie is not a goal in itself. It is only a way to see characters instead of trying to figure them out; it's a way to decide to re-read the whole trilogy; and most important, it is a great way to introduce occasional readers to one of the most remarkable sagas ever. In other terms, seeing the movie should make them, and all of us, want to read the books, because YES, books are much more powerful than movies. But I am not sure all of you Americans are aware of that...