The LOTR Movie Site
August 16, 2000

Response to Entwife and Matt A.
Cicily T.

This message is for ENTWIFE and MATT A. We are NOT whining about the changes in the film. We are debating several issues that we want to discuss. If you have read most of the debates, (I'm assuming that you did), then you BOTH would realize that we are discussing various aspects of the characters of Arwen, Bombadil, Gandalf...etc. Some of the other people have pointed out things I did not ponder on before; plus, it was interesting to read to what extent Arwen's role should be in the book or movie. Furthermore, I really enjoyed reading John K.'s article of Tolkien's viewpoint of Tom Bombadil.  This is a DISCUSSION/DEBATE Forum...if you do not like reading what we are currently debating and /or discussing, then I suggest you ignore what we write. But don't put us down because you do not agree with what we are debating...infact. just ignore any headlines with Bombadil or Arwen in them.