The LOTR Movie Site
August 16, 2000

Don't Expect an Exact Duplication
Kit H.

Greetings, fellow speculators. Concerning the mysterious white wizard on the wheel photo, it's probably foolish to read too much into it right now. The figure on the wheel is too stiff to resemble on actual person who has just been impaled and has none of the realism one expects from Mr. Jackson. And given Sir McKellan's ignorance of the scene I think we can be relieved that we were part of a joke being played on anxious, maybe rabid, fans that haunt Jackson's every move, hungry for evidence of his straying from the written word of Tolkien. Mr Jackson has got one of most difficult and thankless tasks of the next millennium, converting those books into a visual medium. Will he follow Tolkien every word, scene, and nuance - no! We should expect that some things will be cut, moved, and altered to satisfy not only his artistic vision but the contraints of the medium in which he is working. The audience shouldn't expect an exact visual duplication of the trilogy. That will surely lead to disappointment. Mr. Jackson hasn't had much of a chance for laughter these last couple of years trying to keep an element of secrecy about his work and just maybe that dummy staked out on the wheel dressed in an on-hand costume is more likely a way for the film crew to make a mockery of the shadow legion of fandom that stalks his production at every turn. Let's give Mr. Jackson a little credit and withhold judgment until the final product is available.