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August 18, 2000

The Boromir Holds the Ring Shot
Ralph J.

I already posted this on the forumboard of this very site, but I think it is important enough to post it on the site itself: the solution to the Boromir-holds-the-Ring-shot that has been talked about for months now.

I think this shot is an interpretation of the moment when Galadriel looks every member of the Fellowship in the eyes and sees what is in his heart. Remember that Tolkien didn't write what she saw in the eyes of Boromir? My guess is that this is it: he wants the Ring (at least, that what I always think if I read this scene in the book). PJ doesn't use a narrator (thank God for that!) so he has to visualize it.

What we see is, in my opinion, what Galadriel sees in the eyes of Boromir.

I am quite convinced I am the first person to come with this solution; if anybody can direct me to a site where this has already been said, I will gladly take this back.