The LOTR Movie Site
August 19, 2000

Outraged Over the Changes?
Doug O.

I agree with Kit H. and some others regarding the hysteria surrounding that pic with the figure impaled on the spike. 

An amusing number of rabid fans have expressed "serious" reservations and outrage about that picture (and other aspects of the film).  Even threats if that image included in the film, as evidenced by the letter copied on this site.  And I thought the Star Wars "fans" that were outraged over Jar Jar in the Phantom Menace were a little over the top.  Look, it's a movie (well, three of them anyway); it's not a direct representation of how you or me imagined the story in our minds.   Deal with it.  Even if they include Arwen, Warrior Princess, ahead of vast Elvish armies, we're still going to see it...more than once to be sure!  And we'll still purchase the DVD hoping for more realism!  Go ahead and express your opinion and argue for your interpretation of how the story should be portrayed; but if you're going to express outrage, shouldn't you express outrage over child abuse or something?   Let's direct our fury over something worth fuming over...and enjoy the movies, poetic and unpoetic licenses included, when they come out as the escapism they'll be.