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August 20, 2000

Not Enuff Gals?
Daria S.

Hail, bright children of the One.

In a whole lot of posts i heard people explaining PJ's alteration of Arwen's role thus: not enough females, not enough love dramma...let's take a closer look...this argument might just prove invalid.

let's take a particularly appropriate example- Armageddon (guess why?). everybody i met had comments about it ranging from : 'the funnest movie ever' to 'really fun to watch '[although not too deep, some add]

well, in Armageddon, all Liv did was to kiss her boyfriend goodbye, and then to be shown lying down on the couch thinking about her hero, weeping, screaming 'that's my family', and embracing her knight at the end when he's back and all done with his quest. her role pretty much summed up into being the A.J's motivation to fight, his prize at the end (sounds familiar?). [impressing the girl's father is also a parallel issue, but that's off topic]. no trying to disguise herself as an austronaute or hide in an equippement box so that she can go kick some asteroid ass with the guys.

so, to the point: i NEVER heard ANYBODY complain about the lack of romance or female role in Armageddon.

they could have done the same thing here... touching goodbye, flashbacks at Arwen waiting, Arwen getting news from, let's say, the eagles, Arwen embroidering and shedding tears over the cloth. who am i trying to teach? infinite possibilities. make her present but relatively passive, like in the book. No prob in Armageddon, why would there be one here?

:) why all this whining? because Tolkien's book is not like every other book. what makes it different for me is not that it is full of just is full of high beauty.

so, for sure, an ordinary consummer would call us true fans just geeks who make this fuss out of a little film. in this case, for whom else, but us, 'geeks'- poets, dreamers, romantics, that Tolkien really meant his writings?

May the stars of Elbereth shine upon your pass.